The importance of science and education

Even though many people get the idea that science is simply something that is not for them, does not mean that they should avoid any education about it. In fact, the more they know about it, the better will be for them in the future. Science is what makes the world go around. It gives pieces of information about us, who we are as a species, what are we doing on this planet, how this planet came to be and so on.Science gives the answer to the questions which matter the most and therefore it is as important as those questions. Let us see some facts about science. First of all, science is way bigger than other subjects like history, art, music, language, and literature. Second, science is not only revolving around us, it revolves around the world we live in, the planet we are on, the solar system and the universe and pretty much everything else.

post2aScience is always advancing, it is way faster than we are. That makes it very complex and hard to understand. This could be the reason why so many people avoid it. It is true that science has its own language, the one that ordinary people will have a hard time understanding.The beauty of scientific language is that it can be translated into simple language so that anyone can understand it. Actually, pretty much everything related to science can be explained with the real life examples. Every brain is a like a muscle. The more you practice it, the better and faster it gets. Science is like an extreme workout. First it hurts but with time, you get stronger. Smarter in this case.

post2bBasic human motivator

A basic human motivator is to understand why something happened or how something works. We as humans are naturally curious beings so, we invented science in order to help us find the answers to those basic questions. Without science, we would probably still be in the stone age.We have been always curious about the world around us and how it came to be as well as how we came to be. Eventually, it is the understanding that makes us what we are today.

We have been put on this earth with a purpose and that is to take care of the world we live in and everything in it. Science largely helps us with dealing with that task. The ability to turn our curiosity into knowledge makes us capable of inventing things as well as finding solutions to problems. So, in a way, science is the natural equalizer that keeps our world in balance.Maybe people are not aware of it but the knowledge we have as species is our greatest natural resource and it would not be possible without science. It brought us where we are today, it helped us to evolve and become more aware of what is around us. Science helps us understand who we are.