Machine or man – who can do it better

In case that you did not know, machines are quite good at what we do. They can perform countless tasks much better than us, they can beat anyone at chess, drive trains and cars and so on. But this is not the end. The technology is far from its peak of creativity.Scientists all over the world are all troubled with the same problem, can a machine become a poet or a musician, can it write a song or a novel that will be better than anything we have seen or heard so far. We have a surprise for you because robots have been writing love letters for over half a century now.

post1aMany people are not aware of it but, there are books written by robots for a very long time now. Thanking to a professor Philip Parker and his software, there are over 200,000 books written by machines. Of course, since the artificial intelligence projects are still under the sway, these books might not be as good as bestsellers.The book themes vary greatly and books compile existing information by offering newly formulated predictions. Some pieces of software are capable of creating automated fiction. So, a machine can write both a song and a poem indeed.

post1bIt is the emotion that separates us

The only problem could be that a robot has no feelings so it just cannot have what it takes to write a song that would make people move or that could bring out an emotion. It is easier with poems, books and novels even though the same thing is needed but, for a song, we will have to wait.There is no doubt that a machine could be playing an instrument as good as a human or even better but a lot more is needed to create a song than just instrument playing. With the advancement of modern technologies, the software will become smarter and smarter and it is possible that if you implement it with various musical patterns, that it would be able to create a song capable of invoking emotions.

This only means that with time, machines will be able to become writers and musicians without any problems. We as humans, view our poetry and music as art, a way that helps us to celebrate life. It is not certain though whether machines would ever feel the need for any sort of art or if they would ever actually feel.Simply because emotions and feelings are something still unknown to them, we can still safely say that robots still have far to go to outperform us when it comes to poetry and music or any other form of art. Since a machine made by a human follows rules in order to function, they can perform some smaller artistic activities. So robots can become poets and musicians. They simply lack the emotion in order to truly express themselves and that is what separates us and them.